when did americans become anti trade

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

recently, i a conversation with a friend recently who made the comment that free trade is not free. to which i replied, this isn’t about a buy one get one free sale in a local supermarket or at the dollar discount store. it’s about the movement of goods and services.

i sometimes wonder what universities teach people in the united states. instead of students demanding safe places in their schools to stifle free speech, the students should be demanding that all schools make them take micro and macro economic series. this would ensure that at least the so-called educated class has a general grasp of basic economic theories. TPP is not an evil screed. the Transpacific Partnership would eliminate 18,000 taxes that are preventing american companies from being competitive on the international marketplace. but for some reason at this point in time in the US one cannot have this conversation with americans on the right or the left. JFK was a free trader as were ronald reagan and bill clinton. NAFTA is a success. capitalism is not always pretty, but it is very effective of rooting out stuff that has lived past its incept date–to borrow a term from bladerunner.

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