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bobby knight means nothing in indiana

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

the controversial bobby knight was fired by indiana university’s bloomington campus in 2000. part of the reason for his firing can be speculated. but the word anger management could have been invented by knight. he was fired by indiana university after grabbing a student by the arm. unlike what trump did after his campaign manager corey lewandowski was caught on camera grabbing a woman journalist by the arm. in 1997 a student and former IU basketball player filed a complaint against bobby knight for grabbing him by the throat.


calling trump a billionaire gives him power

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

since trump declared his presidential run everyone always adds the adjective “billionaire” and “billionaire businessman” to describe him. it gives him a kinda power.

but as mitt romney recently said, why would a billionaire screw a bunch of students over for 35K if he is a real billionaire. but unfortunately, trump still thinks there’s no reason for him to release his tax returns. which might actually prove that all of his holdings are underwater. or that he is merely a multi-millionaire living off the inheritance from his father.

bill o’reilly pretends to be a real journo

Friday, April 29th, 2016

for the first time in maybe 1 year, bill o’reilly actually asked donald trump questions. o’reilly questioned trump about his recent rambling and inconsistent foreign policy speech. he asked if trump really will put boots on the ground in syria and lybia and trump dodged the question with the words ‘maybe.’

ted cruz chooses carly fiornia as running mate

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

ted cruz has announced that carly fiornia will be his running mate during the fall election. carly fiornia as a US vice president makes more sense than donald trump as a US president.

which brings us to the question of why trump was able to rise to the top of the heap and not fiornia. is it because during the fall while carly was running, that the US media really took the time to look at her record and to blow some things out of proportion. but failed to actually vet donald trump until after he swept the southern station during the GOP primary. while fiornia ast the first woman CEO of a fortune 500 company, was responsible for downsizing the HP (hewlett packard) during a large merger. unlike donald trump, she hasn’t bankrupted companies and stolen the hard earned money from students to get a head.



trump’s alzheimer-driven foreign policy speech

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

politco summed trump’s foreign policy speech as a focus on narrow self-interest, economic gains and global stability. but what it actually ened up being was a endless see of demntia-fuelled contradictions read from a teleprompter.

for instance, trump wants to rebuild the US military  yet he wants to reduce the expense the US incurs in upholding international security. this can only happen with the agreement of partners. why would any country volunteer to pay more for their security. what will the threat be? well, if the US moves out, then the country would have to pay more. and if the US stays, the country would have to pay more.

or maybe the country could, you know find a bigger country with more stable leaders to help them. like china.

lindsey graham notes, that trump’s speech was a series of disconnected thought” and demonstrated a “lack of understanding of threats we face.



donald trump dementia vs. alzheimers

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

we are never really sure if alzheimers is spellt with our without an apostraphe. so this time we’re going to go without it. donald trump is on record as saying that his dad (who was arrested during a KKK riot in new york city in the 1920s) contacted alzheimers in his old age. well, after watching trump’s foreign policy speech, one might think that at least dementia has already set in for the trumpster. did you ever wonder how a 69 year old man could stand for 1 hour just repeating “lying ted”? well, we also wonder why CNN, Fox News and MSNBC repeatedly broadcast this 1 hour of repetition claiming it to be news. but we digress.

in yesterday’s foreign policy speech, which was praised heavily by the propoganda cable news channel of the russia government, russia today, trump talked about mending fences with america’s neighbor. which only makes one recall sarah palin bragging about seeing russia from her backyard in alaska as proof of her foreign policy credentials. he also repeatedly contradicted himself on all of his assertions.

putin is an authoritarian, but he’s not remotely as bad as say lenin or stalin. and after the berlin wall fell, we started to wonder when the US would stop using the weakened russia as a whipping boy.  did this go on because well, every superpower needs not only a superhero, but also someone to beat up.

but is trump’s embrace of russia an influence of his slovene wife melania trump? has melania’s presence also affected trump’s views on muslims? given that his present wife is from the former yugoslavia–a country that tried to ethnically cleanse itself of muslims in the 1990s when she was a child.



blogger party gets into serbian parliament

Monday, April 25th, 2016

the blogger party Enough is Enough, headed by Sasa Radulovic gets into serbia’s parliament with 5.18 percent of the vote. the SNS (serbian progressive party) has won 48.8% – 49.96% of the vote. depending on which website you read.politico writes that SNS has 51% of the vote, but these numbers are from sunday night. the final votes will be certified april 28. the Enough is Enough party (Dosta je bilo) technically called the Enough is Enough Movement, has been able to cross the 5% hurdle needed to get into parliament, by relying on social media.

in other parts of europe, austria held its presidential elections this weekend and the far right party FPO won 35% of the vote with the center left Green Party running a distant second. the runoff election will be in may.

3 dates and the serbia elections

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

on january 17, 2016 the current prime minister of serbia, aleksander vucic announced a new federal election for april 24, 2016. the country has a unicameral parliamentary system whereby the power is with the PM and the president has largely a ceremonial role. the structure is the exact opposite as in for instance france or turkey whereby it is the prime minister who holds the ceremonial role.

on february 17, ICTY–the criminal court in the hague announced the date for the sentencing of vojislav seselj–an alleged war criminal who was on trial for alleged crimes committed during the 1990s during the breakup of the former yugoslavia. ICTY set the verdict date for march 31, 2016.

on march 31, vojislav seselj was acquitted.  seselj is also the leader of the serbian radical party. during the 2012 elections, the party’s percentage of the national vote was around 2% and they lost their seats in parliament. for today’s election it is predicted, just 2 years later, that the serbian radical party, also known as the nationalist party, will pass the 5% hurdle during today’s election and enter parliament with 7.9% of the vote.

has the ICTY helped seselj and his nationalist party over the 5% threshold? one might ask, does western europe still not get the west balkans? or one might ask, have the dutch been smoking too much weed?

as a bit of background, according to the BBC, seselj was the youngest person to receive a PhD in the former yugolsavia. he also briefly taught at the university in michigan, one of the best public schools in the united states. in a democracy people vote for whomever they want. it is the best barometer for finding out what citizens are thinking. it is how we discovered that people in france simultaneously agree with the national front party but maybe only some of marine le pen’s rhetoric. which is why since 2000 when le pen’s father made it to the runoff election for president. then the national front started doing well on the first ballot, and then fail miserably in run off elections.

is bill o’reilly catching flack for sucking up to trump?

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

since january bill o’reilly has been covering for his pal donald trump–the man whom he shares vanilla shakes with during sporting events. he like his colleague sean hannity –also from fox, are firmly in the can for donald trump. one is the cheerleader (o’reilly) and the other is the pom pom girl (hannity). maybe o’reilly’s ratings are slipping a little bit or the cruz supporters have become more vocal. but in this talking points memo, o’reilly actually points out that trump makes assertions and cannot provide any details at all. for instance, how is trump going to help urban youth who have a poor education?  and can someone explain something to me. is there a reason why fox news mostly hires irish-americans to host their news programs: o’reilly, hannity, mygn kelley and the list goes on.

how many delegates has trump lost by breaking his pledge

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

at the end of march, donald trump declared that he would no longer pledge to support whomever became the republican nominee. by doing this he immediately forfeited the 50 delegates he won in South Carolina, as South Carolina made each GOP candidate sign a pledge to support the eventual republican presidential nominee in order to appear on its nominating ballot. apparently SC is not the only state with this requirement. so far we’ve discovered possibly 2 more. and we are doing more research on this and hope to publish a list soon. so far it looks like he may have also forefeited his North Carolina delegates as well as his Virgina delegates. that’s 96 delegates in total, which erases the 89 or 90 trump recently won in the new york state primary. calls this donald trump whoops moment an unforced error.