how many delegates has trump lost by breaking his pledge

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

at the end of march, donald trump declared that he would no longer pledge to support whomever became the republican nominee. by doing this he immediately forfeited the 50 delegates he won in South Carolina, as South Carolina made each GOP candidate sign a pledge to support the eventual republican presidential nominee in order to appear on its nominating ballot. apparently SC is not the only state with this requirement. so far we’ve discovered possibly 2 more. and we are doing more research on this and hope to publish a list soon. so far it looks like he may have also forefeited his North Carolina delegates as well as his Virgina delegates. that’s 96 delegates in total, which erases the 89 or 90 trump recently won in the new york state primary. calls this donald trump whoops moment an unforced error.

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