RNC delegates unbound also on first ballot

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

the RNC has been meeting in florida during their spring meeting. apparently they’ve voted on nothing. the rules of the RNC is that the delegates will decide on the new rules at the convention. the rules the media have been cititng are the rules from 2012–written by the romney people when romney was the clear delegate winner. remember when people actually used to win the majority of the delegates. well someone from the RNC did a bit of research and discovered that the binding delegates on first ballots appeared in presidential preference primaries in 1976. and that they have only been bound once and that was in 1976. he also writes in his memo that  1976 was also the last time delegates have been bound by convention rules to cast their votes according to the results of binding primary elections, since the 1980 convention rescinded the Justice Resolution entirely restoring the prohibition of binding.

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