is bill o’reilly catching flack for sucking up to trump?

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

since january bill o’reilly has been covering for his pal donald trump–the man whom he shares vanilla shakes with during sporting events. he like his colleague sean hannity –also from fox, are firmly in the can for donald trump. one is the cheerleader (o’reilly) and the other is the pom pom girl (hannity). maybe o’reilly’s ratings are slipping a little bit or the cruz supporters have become more vocal. but in this talking points memo, o’reilly actually points out that trump makes assertions and cannot provide any details at all. for instance, how is trump going to help urban youth who have a poor education?  and can someone explain something to me. is there a reason why fox news mostly hires irish-americans to host their news programs: o’reilly, hannity, mygn kelley and the list goes on.

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