blogger party gets into serbian parliament

Monday, April 25th, 2016

the blogger party Enough is Enough, headed by Sasa Radulovic gets into serbia’s parliament with 5.18 percent of the vote. the SNS (serbian progressive party) has won 48.8% – 49.96% of the vote. depending on which website you read.politico writes that SNS has 51% of the vote, but these numbers are from sunday night. the final votes will be certified april 28. the Enough is Enough party (Dosta je bilo) technically called the Enough is Enough Movement, has been able to cross the 5% hurdle needed to get into parliament, by relying on social media.

in other parts of europe, austria held its presidential elections this weekend and the far right party FPO won 35% of the vote with the center left Green Party running a distant second. the runoff election will be in may.

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