donald trump dementia vs. alzheimers

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

we are never really sure if alzheimers is spellt with our without an apostraphe. so this time we’re going to go without it. donald trump is on record as saying that his dad (who was arrested during a KKK riot in new york city in the 1920s) contacted alzheimers in his old age. well, after watching trump’s foreign policy speech, one might think that at least dementia has already set in for the trumpster. did you ever wonder how a 69 year old man could stand for 1 hour just repeating “lying ted”? well, we also wonder why CNN, Fox News and MSNBC repeatedly broadcast this 1 hour of repetition claiming it to be news. but we digress.

in yesterday’s foreign policy speech, which was praised heavily by the propoganda cable news channel of the russia government, russia today, trump talked about mending fences with america’s neighbor. which only makes one recall sarah palin bragging about seeing russia from her backyard in alaska as proof of her foreign policy credentials. he also repeatedly contradicted himself on all of his assertions.

putin is an authoritarian, but he’s not remotely as bad as say lenin or stalin. and after the berlin wall fell, we started to wonder when the US would stop using the weakened russia as a whipping boy.  did this go on because well, every superpower needs not only a superhero, but also someone to beat up.

but is trump’s embrace of russia an influence of his slovene wife melania trump? has melania’s presence also affected trump’s views on muslims? given that his present wife is from the former yugoslavia–a country that tried to ethnically cleanse itself of muslims in the 1990s when she was a child.




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