ted cruz chooses carly fiornia as running mate

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

ted cruz has announced that carly fiornia will be his running mate during the fall election. carly fiornia as a US vice president makes more sense than donald trump as a US president.

which brings us to the question of why trump was able to rise to the top of the heap and not fiornia. is it because during the fall while carly was running, that the US media really took the time to look at her record and to blow some things out of proportion. but failed to actually vet donald trump until after he swept the southern station during the GOP primary. while fiornia ast the first woman CEO of a fortune 500 company, was responsible for downsizing the HP (hewlett packard) during a large merger. unlike donald trump, she hasn’t bankrupted companies and stolen the hard earned money from students to get a head.



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