trump’s alzheimer-driven foreign policy speech

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

politco summed trump’s foreign policy speech as a focus on narrow self-interest, economic gains and global stability. but what it actually ened up being was a endless see of demntia-fuelled contradictions read from a teleprompter.

for instance, trump wants to rebuild the US military  yet he wants to reduce the expense the US incurs in upholding international security. this can only happen with the agreement of partners. why would any country volunteer to pay more for their security. what will the threat be? well, if the US moves out, then the country would have to pay more. and if the US stays, the country would have to pay more.

or maybe the country could, you know find a bigger country with more stable leaders to help them. like china.

lindsey graham notes, that trump’s speech was a series of disconnected thought” and demonstrated a “lack of understanding of threats we face.




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