matteo renzi mansplains to fareed zakaria the difference between refugee crisis and the attacks on paris and brussels

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

a never ending stream of european heads of state seem to be coming through cnn at the moment, giving their opinions on donald trump. this is rather unprecedented. normally the rule of thumb is that those at least from the EU don’t comment on US politics–especially not during the presidential primaries. but there are no hard and fast rules in international politics, we guess.

matteo renzi, prime minister of italy, man of equality, is the latest to speak with CNN. 3 weeks ago edi rama, prime minister of albania dropped by and gave his 2 bits about the 2 bit trump. one would have thought fareed( i got caught plagarizing but cnn and time let me keep my job and gave me a rpomotion) zakaria would have brushed up on italian politics. given that he asked renzi what he thought about donald trump and the US presidential primaries. to be fair, fareed zakaria did draw a comparison between silvio berlusconi and donald j. trump. but a better question would have been, ‘in 2013, you know when you first ran for prime minister, you had to defeat a clown to win. how difficult was that because maybe you could give ted cruz some pointers.’

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