the green party’s history part 1

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

when i left my small state and moved to a much larger one, i got really excited when i registered to vote. i had the option of registering for the libertarian party, the constitution party, the green party–and the list went on. so i registered for the green party. not because i was a tree-loving hippy. but because i actually took a class on environmental studies in college to fulfill one of my natural and mathematical sciences requirement. this paid off in spades when i applied to a university in scandinavia to do my master’s degree.

but where did the green party come from? we will try to weave this narrative together over the next few months. because it’s too long for a single blog post. their origins are in germany. there are those who believe that after WW2 west germans needed something completely benign and non-controversial to embrace so as to forge a new path different from that of the early 20th century (meaning, world war 1 and world war 2).

it’s not clear why MSNBC has seized on the mantra that the center right does not believe in science. bernie sanders (who we adore) has incorporated leonardo dicaprio soundbytes into his stump speech. ‘climate change is real!’ as a rebuff to well, those who think it’s ‘not!’

after having learned about the origins of the green party. i mistakenly thought it was a worldwide movement. i was sorely disappointed to discover that while in places like sweden, the party did have a platform. in other countries it was more a bunch of weed smoking hippies who only wanted to legalize drugs. in the US, ralph nader ran as a green-partier in 00. and the democrat party will never forgive him for that. in 2012, dr. jill stein ran at the top of the green party ticket and garnered around 460K votes. not bad. given that nobody knew she was running. this year she is trying to win the greens nod again. you can read her platform and decide for yourself whether or not she’s a stoner.

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