what would andrew breitbart think?

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

when we started this blog back in the 00s, sometimes we would communicate with andrew breitbart and forward him words of encouragement. not that he needed that. given that he had already worked for matt (i am a trumpster) drudge and helped arianna (i have all my money hidden in greek real estate and i wonder if it is still OK) huffington launch the huffington post. he was always cordial. too bad he up and died on us. his widow took over breitbart.com and has arguably turned it into a force of the right. last year someone figured out that whenever they posted the word trump, breitbart would immediately get at least 1K comments in its comment section. their daily hits probably rival the new york times. –and we are not kidding.

along the way. they’ve lost some key people in the past few months. and have ventured down the path of embracing anti-semitism. how would breitbart, having been jewish felt about the thinly veiled anti-semitism of breitbart.com? we could site numerous instances, but one you will easily notice is that recently whenever a journalist blogs about bill kristol (founder of the weekly standard), as opposed to qualifying his name with ‘founder of the weekly standard,’ breitbart writes ‘bill kristol, son of iriving.’


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