trump’s clothing line made in china

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

yet he demonizes other companies outsourcing their manufacturing to china. craig dunn, a columnist in indiana and the republican chair for a district in his state, addresses this question from a caller about donald trump’s consistencies as well as the meaning of trump’s endorsement by indiana university’s former basketball coach bobby knight and other on cspan. dunn points out that it’s been almost 20 years since bobby knight coached in indiana and by the time he was fired, the citizens of the state were tired of his bullying of players, the press and just about everyone else.

in march, the washington post pointed out that donald j. trump has profited from using foreign labor. but apparently the trumpsters don’t care. marco rubio was pretty effective when he hit trump on this point. but trump’s poll numbers went down about 4% and rubio’s took a huge dive.

ted cruz just released an ad in indiana to address trump’s inconsistencies. but is this too late considering that 30% of hoosiers have already voted.

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