sanders wins, cruz supsends his campaign where is kasich?

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

we’re wondering what will be the fallout form cruz suspending his campaign. the obvious direction is that donald trump will get 1237 delegates and win the GOP nomination on the first ballot. there are still some of us, probably at websites like redstate who are hoping that the delegates change the rules and elect somebody else. bob sasse, senator from nebraska has already tweeted that cruz dropping out changes nothing for him and that he won’t support donald trump.

on a different note, bernie sanders won indiana. but he is still trailing hillary clinton in superdelegates and in regular delegates, since the DEMS split everything proportionately. this ‘rule’ went into play after jimmy carter won the presidency, in order to prevent populust and unelectable candidates to win elections.  might be something worth considering for the GOP going forward.

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