the libertarian party thinks it’s its time

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

now it’s time for US-Americans to use their votes to squeeze out the GOP-DNC duopoly. there are tons of 3rd party candidates from the libertarian party to the green party to the american constitution party.

we might think the trumpsters are bozos. even rush limbaugh recently referred to one as a braindead and ‘einstein.’ but this could be the hail mary pass of  the 1990s California GOP. As the US becomes a majority minority country.

in voting, there is no voting of the lesser of 2 evils. there is only voting for evil. trump is anti-free trade and anti-free enterprise for the USA but he manufactures his clothing line in china and he goes out of his way to hire foreign workers. in fact all of his ex-wifes aren’t even from north america.

hillary clinton also an anti-free trade loving hippy hasn’t actually presented any policies for the future. she is selling the world an argentina democracy whereby the husband reigns for 2 terms and then his wife replaces him.

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