gary johnson makes a case for third parties in an op-ed

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

gary johnson has written an op-ed for the hill. he makes a solid case for you to vote for him or at least for people to vote for whomever they want. we are not sure when strategic voting took effect in the US. but ultimately we believe this mantra started around 2000 when thousands of US journalists churned out one op-ed after the other demonizing ralph nader and the green party for ‘supposedly’ putting george w. bush in the white house.

we argue that voters get the politicians they deserve. this too is a mantra not created internally. but it seems to be true. so if voting for hillary makes you all warm and fuzzy, do it. and if voting for trump makes you all warm and fuzzy do that to. but don’t vote for one or the other and rationalize it that you are voting against one. aren’t we as human beings a bit smarter than that?

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