julian assange speaks at green party convention

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

is the US green party as rigged as the US democrat party? we asked this question because well, it seems that jill stein was the green party nominee in 2012. and even before the convention this weekend, people just automatically assumed she would be the nominee again.

although we like the mantra “jill not hill” we prefer the the libertarian party ourselves, given that you have now enterted a libertarian zone. but the green party has its merits. over the years it has grown to almost be a party. we would argue that ralph nader high jacked it in the way that trump has high jacked the GOP to do his bidding. but we would never fault him or the greens for putting george w. bush in the white house. as has been pointed out many times, had al gore won his home state of tennessee and still lost florida, from a mathematical perspective, he’d have won the election. and who can’t win his home state?

we like that assange, while still living in the ecuador embassy in the brexit country known as the united kingdom (formerly of the european union). and he made some valid points in his live speech to the greens. in an election people should not vote strategically. does it really make sense to vote for 1 candidate because you think the other candidate is worse? especially when there are really at least 4 or 5 other people you could vote for. hell, you could even write in your neighbor’s name. or jesse ventura’s.

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