star trek beyond blows big chunks

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

we’ve decided to make this a multi-part rant. how many parts? it’s not clear yet. justin lin is one of the few asian-american males working in hollywood who is neither forced to do kung fu nor to appear on the television series straight off the boat. lin has directed a ka-zillion successful “episodes” of the fast and the furious film franchise. so paramount knew what they were getting when they hired him.

now with simon pegg. well, we feel like he is the main offender in this group, along with his co-writer jung. we’ll never really know who pulled the plug on the sulu character by erasing 50 years of character development. but we a little bit assume that pegg and george takei are playing bad cop/good cop about ths sulu being revealed as GAY (and we put this in uppercase letters) in star trek beyond. thanks pegg and jung for taking abram’s metrosexual star trek one step further.

there are those who claim that the JJ Abrams reboot of star trek is more star wars than star trek. all of the reboots lack gene roddenberry influence. and for trekkies that’s bad.  star trek is about a positive vision of the future. which is one reason why fans hated number 2 in the rebooted universe as it was called star trek: into darkness. trek isn’t supposed to be dark and scary or even dark and comic like suicide squad, for instance. nor is it supposed to remotely resemble the avengers’s universe.

it’s about space exploration, science, meeting new cultures, morality, ethics and diplomacy. it’s about gene roddenberry’s positive vision of the future. i’ve seen this more eloquently espoused online in the comment section under the headline “simon pegg brought in to make star trek less trekkie.” during comic con pegg spoke about making star trek more inclusive.

there’s a reason star trek beyond is a flop. the film’s boxoffice dropped almost 60% after its first weekend, plunging 70% if you compare the opening day (friday) with the following friday –and that’s even with the previews added in. it’s plunged nearly 70% in its 3rd week. the fans are pissed off. and who knows what they will do. but for a lot of people star trek has been ruined by paramount, lin, pegg and jung. star trek fans have zero interest in watching the fast and the furious in space.

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