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german anti-islam movement founder declared persona non grata in spain

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

lutz bachmann, founder of the anti-islam movement PEGIDA (whose acronymn is based on the german language) and is credited with the rise of the rise of the far right in germany and the growing popularity of the AfD (alternative for germany) party in germany has been declared persona non grata by the teneriffa government.


is new york times suppressing voter turnout in north carolina

Friday, October 28th, 2016

the new york times it keeping tabs on early voting in north carolina to try to predict the outcome of the presidential election. is this a new form of media voter suppression?

50M spent by clinton to take johnson down

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

if you spend a lot of time trolling the comment sections of forum, you will find that clintonistas were so paranoid about gary johnson taking votes away from billary clinton that they spent about 50M dollars on social media advertising to try to discredit johnson with millenials. we wonder if this includes the long playing anti-third party candidate infomercial made by john oliver. which immediately went partially viral.

too bad we can’t attached a dollar, pound, euro or yen figure to how much the mainstream US media is in the bag for billary clinton. and the countless hours people spend trying to figure how to take down 3rd party candidates to ensure that the US will never have a true multi-party system. there’s the mainstream news media’s ongoing mantra about spoilers and wasted votes. these pop up on formerly reputable mainstream news sites like US News and World Reports and USA Yesterday (i mean USA Today) every other day as supposed news pieces along with the opinion piece here-and-there.

even the economist joined in with this nonesense recently. trying to prove that the libertarian party was taking votes from billary clinton despite the fact that the libertarian party broke off from the republican party in the 1970s and that gary johnson and bill weld were republican govenors.

uk shuts down RT bank account

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

this story is 6 weeks old. but we would like to revisit in within the context of the new york post article about billary clinton being pissed off about the wikileaks email dump. i’m sorry we meant hillary clinton. RT is considered by some in the west and northern hemisphere of being a propaganda tool for the kremlin. there are those in the west, east northern and southern hemispheres who consider CNN to be a  propaganda tool of hillary clinton–hence the name the Clinton News Network.

there are media and politco wonks (in the democrat party) who have tried to tie the wikileaks DNC and hillary clinton email dumps with RT and russia. but no one has presented proof. it’s a bit like when sony pictures tried to blame the north korean dictator kim jung un for hacking their computers. we all know that these hacks can generally be traced back to a relatively anti-social IT person with too much time on his hand. yes, his. as the majority of IT people are still men.

did this assumption warrent the clintons calling in favors to a bank (as we know billary is tight with the banks) to freeze RT’s bank accounts? according to the guardian newspaper there has been an outcry from human rights organizations. according to another article, 4 other russian news agencies have had their bank accounts closed in the UK.

on the plus side, RT (formerly Russia Today) is one of the few remaining media outlets that actually pays their journalists and editorial teams well. it is also the only outlet that was willing to offer jesse the body ventura a job. on the negative side, the guardian also writes that RT has breached the UK’s broadcasting code of ethics on a few occassions.

clarence thomas 25 years on the court

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

this week marks clarence thomas’s 25th distinguished year on the US supreme court. the weekly standard seems to be the lone media outlet that noticed. the george h.w. bush appointee had been arguably overshadowed by his colleague the recently deceased scalia. but now has come into his own. there were gasps of amazement when thomas posed a question in court a few months ago. probably from the tranie kagan who can’t stop talking.

assange now has dial-up connection

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

we enjoy a lot of the caricatures on the weekly standard website and in the magazine. sometimes we even get around to reading the articles. this parody article declares that juliane assange gets his internet connection back and its dial-up.

charles krauthammer opts for write in presidential vote

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

charles krauthammer has opted to write in a name when he votes for the next US president. in this article in investor business daily, charles krauthammer, the journalist and regular fox news comentator, explains why he as a conservative cannot vote for hillary clinton. he also explains why he cannot vote for donald trump. in the end, he says he will write in a name.

what is a dirty brexit?

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

last week there were 3 noteworthy articles about brexit. one appeared on the financial times’s website. and it gave an estimate of how many billions of euros the UK would owe the EU at the end of the brexit process. the second and third noteworthy articles appeared on the website. one mentioned that michel barnier, apparently the lead negotiator for brexit, wants to conduct the negotiations between the EU and the UK in french. the final article is about a dirty brexit. in this article entitled EU set for dirty brexit michel barnier lays out the 4 main points he will focus on regarding brexit. these points, along with francois hollande’s speech last week about how the UK cannot have the benefits of the EU without the responsibilities, is a sure sign that nobody in the EU cares about the UK’s financial passport, for instance. or what sort of deal they will get on trade with the union. the UK can always go through the WTO, for example. although that is not explicitly said.

you can find the 4 points here. what we’d like to focus on on this blog are just 2. the status and rights of EU nationals in the UK and conversely, the status of EU nationals in the EU and what’s to become of northern ireland and gilbraltar.

we are pretty sure that everyone will be grandfather claused in from the 23 june 2016 referrendum date. meaning, all EU-nationals who were residents of the UK upto the brexit vote will be allowed to stay and given special status in the UK. but maybe there will be an asterisk somewhere that lays the burden of proof on the longterm resident to prove why he or she can’t just pack his or her stuff and get the hell out.

we also think that UK nationals will be grandfather claused into the countries where they are staying. that they will be provided with a special status that falls short of citizenship but that they will have the opportunity to apply for citizenship. whether or not the offer of citizenship will be on the table in the UK remains to be seen. but we doubt it given that british nationalists voted for brexit to kick out all the foreigners not to make them citizens. so this will be a slippery slope.

we think the UK will keep northern ireland when it exits the EU. we are betting that ireland won’t do a landgrab over northern ireland as russia has done with the crimea in the ukraine.  we think that gilbraltar will leave with the UK too. although we know that wikipedia is highly unreliable and has a northern hemisphere male bias, this page might be a good starting point when researching information on the EU member states with territories that have a special situations with the european union.

wikileaks shows the media in the tank for the DNC

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

we see this from the new dump from Wikileaks. univision (bastion of independence) supporting the dems. we also would argue that the mainstream media’s takedown of third party candidates like jill stein from the green party and gary johnson from the libertarian party is part of the media’s plan to ensure that the DNC monopoly continues to lead the USA and that the USA in the end becomes a one party state whereby only democrats can get elected to federal offices. every 4 years someone touts out the mantra of all the republican candidate is the most vile of the vile and the most evil of the evil. in 2012 this was said about mitt romney. but mittens is and was never evil. mitt romney is like a throwback to an era that we know wish still exists. he was the architect of liberalism in massachussetts (or however you spell this state’s name) when he introduced a program for universal healthcare and let marriage equality move forward. now we are told that trump is the vilest of the vile. 8 years ago americans were told that mccain was an idiot and might die any moment cuz he’s so old. even the economist is in on this game. who says voting for the libertarian party takes votes from anyone. this is just assuming that the RNC-DNC duopoly control the whole pie and that the entire electoral pie is their right. which it isn’t given that less than 30% of americans are registered republicans and less than 30% of americans are registered as members of the democrat party.


oculus founder supports gary johnson

Monday, October 10th, 2016

oculus co-founder denies that he is down with donald trump. he claims to have supporte ron paul and gary johnson in the past and will vote for gary johnson this november. does this matter. probably not. do we care about VR technology. yes and no. we are skeptical that it will catch on with the mainstream, but that it’s a good device for gamers which could also be an analogy of gary johnson.