gary johnson and the chicago tribune endorsement

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

a few days ago, the chicago tribune–home to the second or third largest city in the USA, made a smart move by endorsing the libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson. in the johnson-weld package there are 2 people who actually have successfully governed states with diverse populations as republican centrists in states that were (and are) overwhelmingly democrat.

but the main aim we think for the endorsement is to let the american people know, you don’t have to vote to maintain the GOP-DEM duopoly. there are other options. there’s the libertarian party, the constitution party, the green party, and random independent candidates. the present senator of alaska was elected via a successful write in vote campaign 4 years ago after having lost alaska’s GOP primary.

as americans across the USA receive their absentee ballots and contemplate who to vote for on november 8, just remember, you can vote for whomever you choose. don’t let your friends, co-workers and colleagues bully you into throwing your vote to clinton or trump because you think there’s no other choice. americans are stuck with this ridiculous system–and have helped to maintain this ridiculous status quo for 150 years for reasons we cannot comprehend. but as long as most people buy the bullshit then more and more people buy the bullshit of maintaining the status quo.

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