the dem’s knives out for the greens

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

the democrats are on the march to try to mop up the 3-5% of voters entertaining voting for the green party–the bogeyman of the democrat party. they are so desperate that they are rolling out al gore, the loser. the dude who ran for president 3 times, lost his home state in 2000 and then spent 6 weeks trying to derive the intention of the american voters in florida as opposed to . the dems have a lot of neat little annoying slogans. how many times must we hear them declare “the GOP think climate change is a joke.” when we’ve never actually heard anyone declare this. but they think they can capture the green party voters by chanting this mantra over and over again. what about global cooling? the eruption of a volcano in iceland in 2010 has actually lowered overall temperatures. so this change is not exclusively due to the terrible fumes coming out of your car.

another thing the DEMs might note, the buzz word for the 21st century is no longer climate change, but sustainability.  but since, as hillary clinton recently said young american voters are working as baristas and living in their moms’ basements, they probably are incapable of pronouncing this word.


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