trump collapse boosts gary johnson

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

during the republican primaries, ted cruz, who in the end won the second most delegates after donald trump, aimed to position himself to reap the benefits of the–what he thought was inevitable, collapse of the trump campaign. but that never happened. argued that the US media failed to scrutinize trump’s record, policies and you name it as they were in the tank for the democrat party and the clintons. most democrats secretly and openly dreamt of trump winning the GOP nomination so that billary clinton could win the presidential election.

we argue now that if the trump campaign is collapsing–which we are not wholly sure of, then this will benefit gary johnson more than hillary clinton. can we prove this? well firstly, we think about 20 – 25% of trump’s support won’t budge. these people feel cheated by the united states of america. of this 20-25% probably about 12-15% are non-voters. the other 20 – 23% of trump voters consist of anarchists and republicans.

in the end, trump’s campaign, according to trump’s friend jesse ventura, was only ever mounted to destroy the republican party. other’s follow the jeb bush conspiracy theory that was backed up by articles and blog posts in the washington post and foreign policy reveue as well as the liberal gossip blog gawker in 2015 –that the idea of trump running was a plan created by bill clinton. the concept being that trump would pull the GOP so far to the right, that it would make whomever won the GOP nomination unpalatable in a general election. what they failed to factor in was bernie sanders, who moved hillary clinton so far to the left, thereby making her unpalatable to moderate republicans and independents.

the billary clinton obama plan royally backfired in the 2008 democrat primaries. and with trump and clinton running so closely in the polls, it looks like billary clinton’s plan has worked really we argue that of the republicans backing trump, the majority will not automatically switch their vote to hillary clinton. no republican wants to go back to the 1990s with government shutdowns and bill clinton getting his rocks off in the oval office. we predict that the main beneficary will be gary johnson. maybe johnson had a brainfreeze on a city in syria. but he does know where syria is. trump has had many brain freezes–calling the destruction of new york’s twin towers a 7-11 moment. amongst other things.

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