wikileaks shows the media in the tank for the DNC

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

we see this from the new dump from Wikileaks. univision (bastion of independence) supporting the dems. we also would argue that the mainstream media’s takedown of third party candidates like jill stein from the green party and gary johnson from the libertarian party is part of the media’s plan to ensure that the DNC monopoly continues to lead the USA and that the USA in the end becomes a one party state whereby only democrats can get elected to federal offices. every 4 years someone touts out the mantra of all the republican candidate is the most vile of the vile and the most evil of the evil. in 2012 this was said about mitt romney. but mittens is and was never evil. mitt romney is like a throwback to an era that we know wish still exists. he was the architect of liberalism in massachussetts (or however you spell this state’s name) when he introduced a program for universal healthcare and let marriage equality move forward. now we are told that trump is the vilest of the vile. 8 years ago americans were told that mccain was an idiot and might die any moment cuz he’s so old. even the economist is in on this game. who says voting for the libertarian party takes votes from anyone. this is just assuming that the RNC-DNC duopoly control the whole pie and that the entire electoral pie is their right. which it isn’t given that less than 30% of americans are registered republicans and less than 30% of americans are registered as members of the democrat party.


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