uk shuts down RT bank account

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

this story is 6 weeks old. but we would like to revisit in within the context of the new york post article about billary clinton being pissed off about the wikileaks email dump. i’m sorry we meant hillary clinton. RT is considered by some in the west and northern hemisphere of being a propaganda tool for the kremlin. there are those in the west, east northern and southern hemispheres who consider CNN to be a  propaganda tool of hillary clinton–hence the name the Clinton News Network.

there are media and politco wonks (in the democrat party) who have tried to tie the wikileaks DNC and hillary clinton email dumps with RT and russia. but no one has presented proof. it’s a bit like when sony pictures tried to blame the north korean dictator kim jung un for hacking their computers. we all know that these hacks can generally be traced back to a relatively anti-social IT person with too much time on his hand. yes, his. as the majority of IT people are still men.

did this assumption warrent the clintons calling in favors to a bank (as we know billary is tight with the banks) to freeze RT’s bank accounts? according to the guardian newspaper there has been an outcry from human rights organizations. according to another article, 4 other russian news agencies have had their bank accounts closed in the UK.

on the plus side, RT (formerly Russia Today) is one of the few remaining media outlets that actually pays their journalists and editorial teams well. it is also the only outlet that was willing to offer jesse the body ventura a job. on the negative side, the guardian also writes that RT has breached the UK’s broadcasting code of ethics on a few occassions.

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