50M spent by clinton to take johnson down

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

if you spend a lot of time trolling the comment sections of forum, you will find that clintonistas were so paranoid about gary johnson taking votes away from billary clinton that they spent about 50M dollars on social media advertising to try to discredit johnson with millenials. we wonder if this includes the long playing anti-third party candidate infomercial made by john oliver. which immediately went partially viral.

too bad we can’t attached a dollar, pound, euro or yen figure to how much the mainstream US media is in the bag for billary clinton. and the countless hours people spend trying to figure how to take down 3rd party candidates to ensure that the US will never have a true multi-party system. there’s the mainstream news media’s ongoing mantra about spoilers and wasted votes. these pop up on formerly reputable mainstream news sites like US News and World Reports and USA Yesterday (i mean USA Today) every other day as supposed news pieces along with the opinion piece here-and-there.

even the economist joined in with this nonesense recently. trying to prove that the libertarian party was taking votes from billary clinton despite the fact that the libertarian party broke off from the republican party in the 1970s and that gary johnson and bill weld were republican govenors.

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