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austria populist poised for win

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

austria’s right populist party the FPOe are poised to win this sunday’s presidential election. we don’t know what is worse, that this event is largely being ignored or that the FPOe will probably win. norbert hofer, the 45 year old aeronautical engineer with a boyish smile is a member of a party that was founded in the 1950s by a former member of the national socialist party. a cynic could write this off by saying most people from that time had been in the national socialist party.

norbert hofer is leading the independent candidate and former head of the green party, alexander van der bellen 52% to 48%. a lot of people in europe might have austria presidential election fatigue, as the first election was in march, the run-off election was in may. van der bellen won that election by 30,000 votes (carrying all of vienna save 1 bourough). then the election results were challenged by heinz-christian strache, the head of the FPOe and known in austria as HC. a win on sunday would make norbert hofer europe’s first far right head of state since the end of world war 2.

the president is a ceremonial position in austria. but he (and it is generally a he) has the right to dissolve parliament and call elections. if hofer were to do this, most likely the FPOe who are presently polling at 35% in the country, would come in first place and HC would become austria’s chancellor. as austria is a pacifist country, what this really means, nobody can say.  below you can watch a video from the guardian newspaper about the freedom party (FPOe) and an unmoderated debate between van der bellen and norbert hofer before the first runoff election.


trump looks for diversity

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

or should the head line read diversity trumps trump? failing to apparently locate any women, blacks, latinos or whomever in the GOP (google young turks GOP so white), the trump administration have apparently thrown the multi-racial katrina pierson under the bus and are now reaching out to people like harold ford, the former representative from tennessee, who ran as a dem for TN’s senate seat way back when. and somehow is the only black american male to never serve in the obama white house. now he’s got a chance to pick up a cabinet position ironically under the extremely white donald trump.

HUD once again the black job

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

GOP -ers and DEMS pre george w. bush used to usher blacks into the cabinet position housing and urban development. we are happy to report that by nominating colin powell as secretary of state, bush broke that trend. now we see that the trump administration is bringing it back by offering dr. benjamin carson (aka ben carson, aka uncle ben–for those who think he sold out the human race by supporting donald trump) the HUD job.

trump summoned romney to gloat

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

we here at a blog about whatever are 100% certain that donald trump has zero interest in offering mitt romney a roll in his cabinet. and certainly not as secretary of state. we suspect romney made some recommendations above the shouting and gloating. and that this is probably why scott walker (the other scott walker, the one from massachussettes) was offered the cabinet position heading the VA. we think trump summoned mittens to his estate so he could rub his nose in his having won and so he could scream at him for silently backing third party independent candidate evan mcmullin, who garnered more than 20% of the vote in the state of utah (and was leading at one point). trump is everything mitt romney is not. unethical, unattractive, unhinged. and now we see that that is perhaps what it takes to become president of the united states.

emmanuel macron and en marche

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

emmanuel macron has broken away from france’s communist party–sorry, we meant socialist party, to start a new movement with the hope of becoming france’s next president. the en marche website professes to feel your pain about lack of choices. by your pain, in this context we mean the french people. time magazine labels him a centralist. which could be true, within the context of france’s socialist party.

francois fillion wins 44% of vote

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

sunday in france’s republican primary (the first of its kind), francois fillion, former prime minister of france, came in first placecame in first place,winning 44% of the vote. alain jupe came in a distant 2nd and nicholas sarkozy came in third. this is hopefully the end of sarkozy’s political 2015, the US political news journal, the atlantic carefully places part of the blame for the rise of isis in the west on nicholas sarkozy and the policies he championed as france’s president. and the blind eye he turned to the  social problems of the arabic youth who demonstrated and rioted during 2005.

trump thinks jared kushner can broker peace in the middle east

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

everyone hold onto your hats for the next 4 years. as we see by trump’s summoning of executives, editors and journalists from US media organizations like CNN, MSNBC, ABC News and according to the new york post, berating them for their “biased” and “mean” coverage of him during the presidential elections and primaries. apparently trump went so far as to complain about a photo posted of him with a double chin. luckily the new york times (which is not a failing newspaper) had the balls to stand up to trump and declined to attend this so-called meeting which his people demanded would be off-the-record.

instead, the new york times set up a separate meeting with him on tuesday and has started posting articles about this meeting. burried in this article, trump claims that his son-in-law, being an observant jew, would make the perfect envoy to the middle east and that jared kushner would be the perfect person to negotiate peace between israel and palesteine. well, we know how that worked out for madeline albright who famously pushed for vetoed egypt’s butros butros ghali for his second term at the UN. and some might blame for the instability in the ME that lead to the world trade center disaster in 2001.

pence booed at hamilton

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

or why middle america dislikes lefties. the question is, was it warranted. the vice president elect pence decides to see hamilton, a very american play that has gotten great reviews. a cast member singles him out and gives him a warning. not sure why the barista basement dwellers are still upset about the basket of deplorables. but the deplorables won. and the basement dwellers can try to toss them out in 4 years. and mike pence is not a bad guy. right wing does not equal bad. not all of the time. and left wing does not equal good. the comment section about this on the dailymail has 1.4K comments and climbing. can we say 4 more years of the trump administration anyone?

the liberal redneck explains the US presidential election to bill maher and dems

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

trae crowder, who proudly wears the moniker of liberal redneck. discusses the US presidential election and donald trump with bill maher and a roundtable consisting of paul krugman from the new york times and david axelrod–the mastermind behind barack obama’s 2 winning presidential campaigns. we’ve posted an abridged version and the full version.


inside the transition team

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

chris christie, who arguably helped more than anyone to legitimize donald trump has been tossed out of trump’s inner circle due to the new jersy bridgegate scandal. a scandal which has recently seen 2 of his aids convicted. now according to the new york times, aids associated with christie are being kicked off the transition team and will (possibly) no longer be considered for roles in the administration or other presidential appointments such as CIA director.

eliot cohen who worked with the Bush white house writes a very scathing opinion piece detailing the chaos among the transition team. he served as conselor to the state department under condoleeza rice.