trump thinks jared kushner can broker peace in the middle east

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

everyone hold onto your hats for the next 4 years. as we see by trump’s summoning of executives, editors and journalists from US media organizations like CNN, MSNBC, ABC News and according to the new york post, berating them for their “biased” and “mean” coverage of him during the presidential elections and primaries. apparently trump went so far as to complain about a photo posted of him with a double chin. luckily the new york times (which is not a failing newspaper) had the balls to stand up to trump and declined to attend this so-called meeting which his people demanded would be off-the-record.

instead, the new york times set up a separate meeting with him on tuesday and has started posting articles about this meeting. burried in this article, trump claims that his son-in-law, being an observant jew, would make the perfect envoy to the middle east and that jared kushner would be the perfect person to negotiate peace between israel and palesteine. well, we know how that worked out for madeline albright who famously pushed for vetoed egypt’s butros butros ghali for his second term at the UN. and some might blame for the instability in the ME that lead to the world trade center disaster in 2001.


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