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kushner brags about media manipulation

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

jared kushner, son-in-law of US president-elect donald trump and top of the list of man who himself and whose wife has most likely had cosmetic surgery, reportedly bragged about manipulating a major cable distributor and media organization with a large presence in the US.


real reason twitter unfriended by trump

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

we love conspiracy theories almost as much as alex jones. we think the real reason jack dorsey, ceo of twitter, was not invited to US president-elect donald trump’s roundtable discussion with the movers and shakers of US tech companies was because twitter pulled the plug on steve (darth vader) bannon’s crew of alt-right neo nazis. in the end, we think jack dorsey has come out on top. as he did not have to deal with the photo op of his graveling in front of president-elect donald trump.

rand paul to stop bolton

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

apparently the trump administration is considering nominating dangerous john bolton of the hate-spreading think tank the gatestone institute to be deputy secretary of state. just remember, george dubya bush appointed john bolton as a recess appointment to be ambassador to the united nations. according to politico, the libertarian-leaning rand paul has vowed to stop war-monging dangerous john bolton from stepping foot in the state department.

geert wilder’s ego

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

yesterday while surfing the internet, we ran across numerous articles about geert wilders being convicted for inciting discrimination. yet only receiving a slap on the wrist. the national review–formerly the bastian of conservatism, denounced the holland government for being undemocratic and not protecting free speech.

we observe that the challenge for americans and anyone else writing about court cases outside of their orbit, is that journalists tend to take their domestical constitution and laws and try to instill that logic on another country. unlike holland, the US did not collaborate with the national socialist party in germany and hand over loads of their citizens and refugees to be burned in ovens for commiting the crime of not being christian and thereby not truely being dutch or german. so there are reasons that there are laws on the books. like documented genocide.

the national review also makes another factual faux pas by claiming that geert wilders is on the far right but he’s not on the far far right and avoids being publicly associated with groups in germany and what not. but actually in 2015, geert wilders gave a speech at one of the weekly anti-islam demonstrations that is associated with the far right populist AfD party in germany. he even gave the speech in german. and we even have video. he also spoke at the far right’s national front (front nationale) congress in lyon france in 2014.

exxon ceo as secretary of state

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

obviously rex tillerson, exxon ceo should not make it past congress. why? well, the united states is deep in multiple wars in the middle east. does it really make sense to make an oil dude head of foreign affairs? we think that trump has thrown this name out there to give him more time to consider the dangerous john bolton to placate rebekah mercer and her father (meaning the mercer family who have donated wads of cash to trump via a super pac). so the question is. was this name tossed out due to a trumpian kind of cynicism? to override the CIA report that concludes the russian government hacked a few things to help trump win the US presidential election? or are we finally seeing why those merely educated to bachelor degree level should in no way ever run a country.

van der bellen hat gewonnen

Monday, December 5th, 2016

what aleksander van der bellen’s win in austria really means. spring 2016 ushered in the first round of austria’s presidential election. the FPÖ’s candidate came in a surprising first place with 35% of the vote, with the traditional so-called volks parties such as the social democratic party (SPÖ) and the people’s party (ÖPV) came in a distant 3 and 4th place with only 11% of the vote each. this ushered in a spirited second round which pitted the independent candidate aleksander van der bellen, a retired professor from vienna and former head of the green party against the right populist candidate norbert hofer, a 44 year old aeronautical engineer.

the exit polls shoe that van der bellen has won the presidential election by 53%. it is the second time he’s won. in may he won with around 30,000 votes. the FPÖ challenged the results, promoting a re-run of the election. yesterday van der bellen won by 100,000 votes.

does this mean this is the end of the right populists and norbert hofer. probably not. presently the FPÖ (freedom party) in first place at 35%. if elections were held today, the FPÖ would be in the poll position, so to speak and heinz-christian strache (aka HC) would be chancellor. austria has by law until 2018 to call elections. it remains to be seen whether or not the SPÖ can better their current 27% poll numbers.

italy’s referrendum

Monday, December 5th, 2016

italians voted a resounding no on changes to their constitution and early this morning italy’s prime minster matteo renzi confirmed he will resign his position. does anyone understand the referrendum? a yes would have ushered in changes to how laws snake through the italian government thereby diluting the strength of one side of the bicameral assembly. you can find detailed information on the the economist explains in detail why they recommend (ed) for italians to vote no.

hungary’s orban hates foreigners but not foreign investment

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

hungary recently announced a plan to lower corporate tax rates to 9%–which would be the lowest corporate tax rate in the european union, 3.5% lower than that of ireland’s. but this contradict the anti-immigration referrendum held in hungary a few months back, which was initiated by viktor orban, the country’s prime minister. as well as hungary’s rejection of loads of things foreign, like refugees fleeing war.

hollande not running for president

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

france’s francois hollande has just announced he is not running for for a second term as president. the socialist president who the last time we looked at single digit approval numbers has decided to fall on his sword.

john bolton dangerous guy

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

john bolton, chairman of the far right (aka hate) think tank the gatestone institute is once again being considered as secretary of state of the united states. the gatestone institute is widely considered a hate-pushing machine. we would prefer president-elect donald trump and the in-coming administration pardon david petraeus and make good with petraeus’s probation officer rather than appoint the dangerous john bolton.

now that the middle east is the hottest (double entendre intended) region on the planet. no need to make it explode by appointing AIPAC lackey john bolton. even the bush II administration only got away with appointing bolton ambassador to the UN using the recess apppointment trick.

the gatestone institute is widely considered the engine that pushed the US to heading into iraq and was pushing for the US to do anything in iran prior to president barack obama’s peace deal.

nina rosenweld, department store heiress, and founder of the gatestone institute has spent the past 15 years donating money to far right political parties in the european union such as the freedom party in holland, led by the highly controversal geert wilders.

if donald trump appoints john bolton secretary of state, the anti-mitt romney kellyanne conway tirade on cable news networks coupled with the appearance of rebekah mercer on trump’s transition team would indicate that the swamp has not been drained.

we actually think rudoph guiliani would be a much better choice than john bolton. at least giuliani has a brain that isn’t tied to some ideological belief about a specific region of.  he’s the security expert. and an opportunist. and although he does come off as a bit nuts, he’s not as unhinged as john bolton and his geert wilders-backing gatestone institute.