john bolton dangerous guy

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

john bolton, chairman of the far right (aka hate) think tank the gatestone institute is once again being considered as secretary of state of the united states. the gatestone institute is widely considered a hate-pushing machine. we would prefer president-elect donald trump and the in-coming administration pardon david petraeus and make good with petraeus’s probation officer rather than appoint the dangerous john bolton.

now that the middle east is the hottest (double entendre intended) region on the planet. no need to make it explode by appointing AIPAC lackey john bolton. even the bush II administration only got away with appointing bolton ambassador to the UN using the recess apppointment trick.

the gatestone institute is widely considered the engine that pushed the US to heading into iraq and was pushing for the US to do anything in iran prior to president barack obama’s peace deal.

nina rosenweld, department store heiress, and founder of the gatestone institute has spent the past 15 years donating money to far right political parties in the european union such as the freedom party in holland, led by the highly controversal geert wilders.

if donald trump appoints john bolton secretary of state, the anti-mitt romney kellyanne conway tirade on cable news networks coupled with the appearance of rebekah mercer on trump’s transition team would indicate that the swamp has not been drained.

we actually think rudoph guiliani would be a much better choice than john bolton. at least giuliani has a brain that isn’t tied to some ideological belief about a specific region of.  he’s the security expert. and an opportunist. and although he does come off as a bit nuts, he’s not as unhinged as john bolton and his geert wilders-backing gatestone institute.

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