geert wilder’s ego

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

yesterday while surfing the internet, we ran across numerous articles about geert wilders being convicted for inciting discrimination. yet only receiving a slap on the wrist. the national review–formerly the bastian of conservatism, denounced the holland government for being undemocratic and not protecting free speech.

we observe that the challenge for americans and anyone else writing about court cases outside of their orbit, is that journalists tend to take their domestical constitution and laws and try to instill that logic on another country. unlike holland, the US did not collaborate with the national socialist party in germany and hand over loads of their citizens and refugees to be burned in ovens for commiting the crime of not being christian and thereby not truely being dutch or german. so there are reasons that there are laws on the books. like documented genocide.

the national review also makes another factual faux pas by claiming that geert wilders is on the far right but he’s not on the far far right and avoids being publicly associated with groups in germany and what not. but actually in 2015, geert wilders gave a speech at one of the weekly anti-islam demonstrations that is associated with the far right populist AfD party in germany. he even gave the speech in german. and we even have video. he also spoke at the far right’s national front (front nationale) congress in lyon france in 2014.


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