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May Meet Chamberlain

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Saturday by first hedging on criticizing US president Donald Trump’s abruptly announced travel ban then delaying to renounce Trump’s draconian refugee and immigrant ban,  has opened comparisons between the UK’s PM Theresa May and 1930s Nazi appeaser Neville Chamberlain as well as George W. Bush’s poodle, Tony Blair.


Theil vetting defense employees?

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

the fake libertarian peter thiel,a naturalized US citizen should not be involved in vetting people in the department of defense. the dude with new zealand-german-u.s. citizenship who once wrote a piece for the cato institute questioning why women are allowed to vote is as trusyworthy as chelsea manning.there’s a reason foreign born citizens cannot become president.

pull out of NATO

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

the usa should pull out of nato. here is why. the french snear at americans. this has been going on for years. germans have a strain of anti-americanism and only treat democrat presidents well. would 500K germans turn up to hear a trump speech? reagan and the word demonstration were like synonyms in the 1980s. will write more soon.

trump signs obamacare away

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

with a wave of a pen. of friday donald trump signed an executive order instructing agencies around obamacare to not enforce the bits of the law that causes financial distress to businesses or individuals. more on that later. we think this means that nobody has to enforce the part about all americans being required to pay up if they don’t sign up. just in time for tax day.

hillary and the women march

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

one the trumpster was really able to stick it to hillary clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign was by repeatedly questioning what she had been doing for the past 30 years. well, we would like to know where was she last week end during the world wide women protest against everything. even scarlett (black widow) johansson showed up to diss donald trump, thereby assuring that the black widow film will never get made.

china can always buy airbus

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

according to cnbc, china is prepared to retaliate on possible tariffs from the US from buying planes from airbus (a European Union company) as opposed to boeing and getting soja products from somewhere else. we’re not sure. but we once read that 30% of china’s soja product comes from the US. we suspect some farmers in US states like perhaps iowa won’t be too happy.

china as superpower

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

there are those who believe that china is already the world’s sole superpower. and that the US relinguished this role somewhere between the george w. bush and the barack obama presidencies. others might argue that the US relinquished this role when hollywood quit making those kick-ass tom cruise films where the americans always literally kicked someones ass and started making more and more apologist oliver stone type movies which culmilated with clint eastwoods’  movie american sniper. if one confuses entertainment with propaganda, that is. is it ironic that the end of the 1990s era steven segal ass-kicking revenge movie coincided with the fall of the the twin towers in new york city? did the dubya government tell film producers of all those ass-kicking steven segal, bruce willis, sylvester stallone and chuck norris movies filled with villians from north africa that that was maybe not the best idea?

in the 1970s and 1980s hong kong became known for ass-kicking hong kong cinema. introducing the world to the actors chow yun-fat and jackie chan. then later the beijing-born jet li.does this mean that a country first needs to find some local actors and make a few successful action films to lay the foundation to become a superpower? well, if one looks at all the propaganda films from the 1930s and 1940s from the national socialists in germany to the amis in the united states, this could form the foundation for a super frivilous PhD dissertation in the truely useful areas of film theory and sociology. and (as we digress once again), this line of thinking could lead to the faulty argument for romania becoming a superpower given that the villian in the new captain america films is originally from romania.

as the unofficial symbol of the transition of the center of world power and finance from the west to the east, china’s president gave the keynote speech at at davos last week. most of thethe globalists from the west were absent except for teresa may who now resides over the final chapter of the british empire. there are 2 videos below. president xi’s davos speech and a roundtable type discussion with globalists about the decline of china. one can decide. there are those who believe that china’s one-child policy will limit its superpower role to about 50 years. then india will take over the reigns.

gambia’s peaceful transition

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

the african continent which the british and the french convinced the world a few hundred years ago is divided in two. has the problem of presidents and prime ministers being appointed for life. unfortunately erdogan from turkey seems to be on the way to following this path. but perhaps gambia has broken this trend. in the december 2016 gambia’s then president yahya jammeh initially accepted the election results then he said he would challenge the results. after 22 years in office, the gambia people thought this was enough and took to the streets to demonstrate. the african nations surrounding gambia also decided that this was unfair and dare someone say, undemocratic. the new president left for dakar senegal. and the nations surrounding gambia moved their tanks to gambia’s boarders as a show of solidarity and force. threatening to remove president jammeh from power. ironically the new president adama barrow was sworn in friday january 20. and by saturday gambia’s president for life had boarded a plane and landed in guinea. like the newly elected US president donald trump, adama barrow is a successful real estate and property developer (what is the difference? we know not) who has never held elected office.

take aways from the inauguration

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

we thought it was boring as ever. the swearing in the parade. the balls. yes, the crowds weren’t as numerous as in 2009 when barack obama was sworn in. but that was a different type of historic moment. why won’t the new york times run the crowd photos from 2013? we are glad ralph lauren dressed melania trump as opposed to tom ford –the hack who makes pretty bland clothes and really boring films.

is cnn fake news?

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

after watching trump’s inauguration parade, i’m beginning to suspect that chris cuomo is dedicated to proving that cnn is not a fake news channel. but what about wolf blitzer? how many times has blitzer and the various cnn commentators MISTAKENLY said that donald j. trump is the first person elected president of the united states of america who has never held elected office. but you know. it’s not just cnn that continues to hold to this line. maybe it’s because herbert hoover (of the great depression and hoovervilles-but not hoovering) was actually the first.

the parallels are (potentially) noteworthy. like trump, hoover–the 31st president, had worked on projects around the world. he was a successful businessman. after graduating from from an ivy league school in 1895, 2 decades later he had worked on projects on 4 continents and amassed a fortune worth $4M (in early 20th century dollars). so 2 rich dudes from ivy league schools. one earned his wealth, the other was born into it.

and we contine. hoover was _appointed_ commerce secretary and served under president warren harding and calvin (he tight wad) calvin coolidge. hoover had the misfortune of running for and becoming president after coolidge. he too was a republican. although not a fake populist republican like trump.

herbert hoover took a bad situation (the great depression) and made it worse. how so? by introducing tariffs and raising tariff. loads of them. and you know what happened? countries erected similar barriers against goods from the US. it is universally accepted that hoover’s actions made a bad situation worse. just google or bing the smoot-hawley tarrif act to track the details. or just click here.

ok. so what? the US is not in a recession. the so-called great recession, which was definitely not great, but long, is over and the US economy is seemingly on an upward trajectory. but protectionist measures could add insult to previous injuries. the long and the short of this is–no, donald trump is not the first american elected president who had never previously run for a political office. and technically this is the second time trump has run for president. he previously ran in 2000, but failed to get the nomination from the populist reform party founded by ross perot.