drudgereport loses its mojo

Friday, January 6th, 2017

last year around easter the drudgerport was late posting on the attacks in brussels. yesterday the drudgereport failed to post anything about the attacks in izmir in turkey. for all their religious conspiracy theory readers, that was a huge oversight, given that izmir is the location of one of the 7 churches in the book of revelations. but maybe drudge is an atheist or he only believes in the new testament. the homepage for drudge at the moment is a mixture of headlines geared towards the alt.right. we criticized matt drudge last year for being a schrill of the DNC-RNC duopoly. but we know we know. andrew breitbart (founder of breitbart news) worked for judges back in the 1990s so trump and his angel of darkness steven bannon most likel yhave a direct line to matt drudge.


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