the markets in 2017

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

on november 8 the financial markets immediately dropped about 400 or so points over the shock outcome of the US presidential election. after trump gave a speech in which he came across as almost human and not the loon of just hours before, global financial markets recovered. by the end of 2016, the US federal reserve had raised interest rates by .25% and the dow jones was close to 20,000. what does this mean? if you read cnbc’s website, remember to brace yourself for a correction. but the site has also mentioned that the business world, banks and markets are looking forward to an unprecedented level of deregulation. this does not mean that glass-steagall isn’t coming back. but the annual meeting of banks in basel, switzerland has been postponed. and bank stock prices have bounced back. we should also wait for the unprecedented level of protective tariffs that trump will rollout over the next 4 years. the united states should brace itself for an unprecedented level of inflation.

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