james mattias secretary of defense

Friday, January 13th, 2017

yesterday we watched part of the confirmation hearing of james mattias. we’ll finish it today.the former general who only recently retired is up for the secretary of defense position. congress needed to vote on a special waiver in order for mattias to be eligible for the position. former senator nunn sat with mattias and made the case for granting mattias a waiver so he could take the position. apparently, according to US law, generals need to be civilians for a certain number of years before they are allowed to assume cabinet positions. actually we think it is just cabinet positions. it could also be government positions in the white house or even congress. we’re going to have to look into that. you can watch his nomination hearing on cspan. later we’ll write what we think. we think these confirmation hearings are more important than trump’s january 11 press conference when he called CNN fake news as it is perhaps at this point the only way the american people and people around the world can devine whether or not to sell all of their stock and hide in the woods with the rest of the survivalists.

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