rex (xon) tillerson impresses

Friday, January 13th, 2017

rex tillerson, an engineer, who had worked at exxcon mobile for 41 years had an 8 hour hearing before the senate on wednesday. as the chairman remarked, during the entire 8 hours he did not take any notes. is that impressive? or is that the sign of a man who realizes given that he is working for donald trump, that the bar at this moment in time is incredibly low. but there are those who take notes, as it focuses them. like george h.w. bush took vociferous notes during presidential debates. while there are those who might need them, but find it distracting multi-tasking (taking notes, talking and listening).

our big concern about rex tillerson’s senate confirmation hearing wasn’t rex tillerson’s answers, but the senate’s questions. after 8 hours plus, only 1 senator asked him about nato. 1 senator asked twice about donald trump mentioning creating a database devoted to 1 religious groups. but without fail, nearly all of the senators asked about climate change, both republican and democrat. only 1 senator inquired about trump’s interview with the wall street journal (or was it the new york times) in early 2016 (during the primaries) whereby he said he would be OK with japan or south korea getting nuclear weapons. we pitty the US’s nato allies. a senator finally asked about the situation in the south china sea. you can watch part 1 and part 2 of the confirmation hearing before the senate foreign relations committee.

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