jennifer holliday bullied by the left

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

according to the daily mail (and we know how reliable they are), andrea bocelli and jennifer holliday have both pulled out of performing at donald trump’s inauguration. wow that was a really long sentence. why? well the former has allegedly received death threats, while presumably the latter was bullied by fellow african americans who are intolerant of their people having anything to do with republicans ever. even fake repulicans like donald trump. we stand corrected. according to the wrap blog holliday has written open letter apolgizing to her LGBT fans.


One comment on “jennifer holliday bullied by the left

  1. Hudson herself said it was because of negative reactions by the LGBT community, not African-Americans. She noted they were key to her initial success in her musical career.

    LOVE the old Mac screen theme. My first computer was a Mac Plus. Yours must have been a very “Special Edition” (SE) though, because the screen goes as long vertically as a high-rise building.

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