leave manning in prison

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

bradley edward manning, or chelsea manning –as he is calling himself now, leaked classified documents to wikileaks –incidentally while billary clinton was secretary of state. in doing so, not only did he embarass the united states and the US state department, he put loads of people’s lives at risk. the new york times and the mainstream media is seemingly gungho on obama pardoning the tranie. but here is our argument against it.

chelsea manning volunteered to join the US military. he was not drafted against his will. he used the system to get an education to escape a poor white trash existence. manning chose to join the military. he also chose to take a USB stick and various other recording devices to copy loads of classified information. he then chose to upload them to wikileaks servers. one could argue the dude was insane. and if that is the case, then please, re-open his case. but the dude committed a crime. he also put a lot of lives at risk. in the 1920s he would have gotten the chair and nobody would be talking about pardoning anyone. we at a blog about whatever are very much against the death penalty. therefore we recommend that manning stay in prison. for as along as possible. and we here love wikileaks, it is a boon to bloggers. but chelsea manning broke the law. had he been drafted, we might have a different opinion. but the USA has an all volunteer army.

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