peter thiel do not run

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

peter thiel the fake libertarian wants to be governator of california. not only is he so not telegenic, he has nothing to recommend him. unlike real libertarians, thiel only believes in free speech until websites like gawker call him gay then according to vanity fair, he’ll spend huge sums of money to shut these bloggers and websites down. the thin skinned thiel is now besties with the thin skinned trump. what would he do with a budget the size of the country of taiwan? would he use this money to offer more social welfare to his bestie elon musk? or to muzzle descent and turn the deep blue state into a bleeding red one so his bff trump can win re-election in 2020?

the co-founder of paypal and an early investor in fakebook, we meant facebook, thiel has the pulse on loads of information about california voters. that should be worrying for just about everyone. we’re not so keen on democrat gavin newsom running either. newsom is a dictator in waiting. as mayor of san francisco, he randomly decided to break a law on the books because he didn’t like it. here’s to hoping california is successful at its attempt to break off from the USA. but maybe thiel is running so his bestie gavin newsom can win the governorship so he can break more laws that benefit thiel and his besties.


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