the voice of bannon and farage

Monday, January 16th, 2017

the financial times (which got a whole lot better after nikkei bought it), has just reported that trump has taken a swipe at the EU. you’ll need a subscription to read this maybe. although now that the FT has changed hands, one can generally read 1 article free-of-charge. yesterday it was either the washington post or the new york times that mentioned trump’s transition team had asked the state department which country would be the next to leave the EU.

while there are all types of conspiracy theories one could build behind trump and his team asking this questions. we are wondering if these are echoes of the PoVs of steve (darth vader) bannon of breitbart fame and nigel farage. if so, we suspect bannon is not an expert on the EU but the hill predicts that bannon will have a lot of sway on foreign policy in the trump administration.  given that his claim to fame was having worked for goldman sachs and been an investor in the 90s TV show seinfeld. but the man who thinks that there is one monolithic race of people called white. might have a dated view about continential europe. if not also about north america.

now that farage has achieved his lifelong aim of getting the UK out of the EU (aka brexit) is he hell bent on destroying the rest of the system? everytime farage opens his mouth, we realize that charles de gaulle was quite prescient in vetoing (twice) the UK’s entry to the what was originally called the common market (as well as a bunch of other names after its founding). the short definition of the EU is that it is a trading partnership that was created to tie germany and its neighbors into a complex system of relationships and dependencies so that world war 2 would never happen again. the even shorter definition is, the EU is a conduit for peace.

at the moment it seems that donald trump trusts nigel farage. we hope that another country will be able to find its way into trump’s circle of trust. or the world might end up in a george w. bush post 9-11 situation. whereby when things go wrong and wrong decisions are about to be taken, the so-called allies are too far outside of the president’s orbit to be heard and make a difference. but this is the challenge for everyone in the US’s republican party. the international elite rarely reaches out to them (and vice versa).


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