trump vs. the stockmarket

Monday, January 16th, 2017

president elect donald trump tweets or gives an interview. mentions a company and/or an industry and the stock price plunges. just ask boeing, lockheed martin, pick any random pharmaceutical stock, and so on. we will start compling a more comprehensive list soon. this is perhaps a power never exercised by a head of state in the USA. so the question is whether or not this is the unintended consequence of trump being himself or is this intentional. who wins when trump complains about the prices of german cars? as he did yesterday. certainly not bmw. who wins win the dollar strengthens as the peso collapses? well perhaps americans who are anxious to buy real estate and invest outside of the US? hedgefund cronies of trump? or carl ichan who last month declared himself officially an informal non-official advisor of donald trump?


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