gambia’s peaceful transition

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

the african continent which the british and the french convinced the world a few hundred years ago is divided in two. has the problem of presidents and prime ministers being appointed for life. unfortunately erdogan from turkey seems to be on the way to following this path. but perhaps gambia has broken this trend. in the december 2016 gambia’s then president yahya jammeh initially accepted the election results then he said he would challenge the results. after 22 years in office, the gambia people thought this was enough and took to the streets to demonstrate. the african nations surrounding gambia also decided that this was unfair and dare someone say, undemocratic. the new president left for dakar senegal. and the nations surrounding gambia moved their tanks to gambia’s boarders as a show of solidarity and force. threatening to remove president jammeh from power. ironically the new president adama barrow was sworn in friday january 20. and by saturday gambia’s president for life had boarded a plane and landed in guinea. like the newly elected US president donald trump, adama barrow is a successful real estate and property developer (what is the difference? we know not) who has never held elected office.

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