bannon power or false flag

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

steve bannon, just a blogger as the RT likes to label him, has never run for or held political office. he is a self-made rich dude who has (dare we say) reaped the benefits of andrew breitbart laying the foundation for the breitbart blog to become an online force for well, basically populists, neo-nazis and american white supremacists.

although andrew breitbart, who was jewish, was neither a neo-nazi nor a white supremacists, he was a populist. and we suspect he is rolling around in his grave. while the original breitbart was more like the drudgeport (where he previously worked), the present breitbart news network is more like an appendage of the  dailystormfront website.

bannon, who was CEO of breitbart news (a frickin’ blog) now sits at the epicenter of national security concil meetings in the USA. having been elevated to the same level as general mattis (secretary of defense) and the joint chiefs of staff. and as far as we can tell, he has been given a role usually held by generals despite not having been subjected to  neither a security clearance nor a vetting by congress.

there are all sorts of problems with this. as bannon is a white house advisor, he did not have to testify before the senate to be confirmed for his position. we don’t even know if he has been given security clearance. as bannon has professed online to being a leninist (and may we point out that 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the communist revolution) as well as wanting to destroy the system. we think someone needs to do a real background check on steve bannon.

should the world have anxiety that a white supremacists, who allegedly assualted his ex-wife has access to all the secrets beyond the CIA, FBI and the NSA? is bannon’s appointment proof that trump lacks judgement?

or is bannon being used by trump as a tool to hold onto his base which includes the 3% of americans in louisana who in 2017 voted for a white supremacist for the senate?

as bannon’s resume reads he gets producer royalties from the seinfeld TV show, he was the CEO of a blog, he worked at goldman sachs (as did ted cruz’s wife–who was maligned for this by trump voters during the GOP primaries). and he had a stint in the military. as did chelsea banning, if we remember correctly. last fall thedailybeast (which we rarely read) asked whether or not steven bannon was too shady to handle secrets.

last friday, steve bannon has proven from the attempt he and stephen miller made at writing an executive order to ban muslims from entering the united states (aka #muslimban) that he, like corey lewandowski, is a master at creating chaos.  but as a large majority of americans living in the rustbelt and the the rest of the midwest are german and scandinavia heritage, most are probably not appreciative of the chaos, uncertainty and instability being sewn by the trump administration. while the scottish-irish americans, which jd vance wrote about in his book hillbilly elegy, might really appreciate the chaos. because even people in states like ohio, minnesota and missouri have people on the streets marching against the trump administration.



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