trump and international finance

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

this week is getting off to a great start. the monday masscare, whereby trump fired his acting attorney general, continued on tuesday with trump labeling germany a currency manipulator. we think, as trump is 70, he, as george w. bush might say, is misremembering that neither the deutschmark nor the reichsmark exist. the ECB controls monetary policy for the eurozone countries. it is completely independent of germany. the dollar, at the moment is quite strong. as the US economy did quite well in 2016. and strengthened a bit in q4 of 2016 when it looked like trump might be introducing business friendly policies like tax cuts and degrelation. but with the US’s new travel ban that introduced the world to the chaos that is the trump administration coupled with trump’s mexican standoff–both of which occured during his first 7 days in office, the dollar will probably start falling again.


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