who is steve bannon

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

steve bannon himself, in an article in the hollywood reporter, made references to darth vader and dick cheney. maybe not a direct comparison but many pundits decided these were references to himself. so we went digging a bit to find out who is steve bannon? does he deserve a seat on the national security council. is the man who quoted bane (from the dark knight rises) really the angel of death in all these saturday night live skits? this bloomberg article from 2015 is thus far the most comprehensive factual article on bannon. in a nutshell. he spent 4 years in the navy, where he spent time in the middle east while jimmy (nice guy but clueless) carter was president. he got an MA in national security while attending night school at georgetown university (attended also by eric and ivanka trump but not in the 80s). he then decided to try for wall street and enrolled at harvard business school. due to his age, bannon found it a challenge to land internships let alone a job on wall street. with a bit of luck he ended up at goldman sachs. you can read the rest of the article here.

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