finding a new flynn

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

some of us will miss michael flynn of the infamous flynn facts. the firing of his son michael flynn junior from the trump transition team due to the pizzagate scandal was probably a fairly good indication that michael flynn, who recently resigned as donald trump’s national security advisor. a lot of people are blaming the so-called deep state which some people in politics and the media refer to as the permanent state. it is the part of the US government populated by government lifers (aka civil servants). they are blamed for leaking info about the trump administration as well as flynn helping to expedite flynn’s inevitable downfall. given his hostility to a particular religion that dominates in the region where the USA is completely bogged down in war, it seems that maybe nobody will miss michael flynn. following chris christie, sarah palin and rudy guiliani flynn is the most recent early trump supporter who has been thrown under the bus. whose next? sessions?


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