only governors can call up the national guard

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

why would someone inside or on the fringes of trump administration circulate a memo about calling up 100,000 members of US national guard to handle rounding up illegal aliens. given that their role in society is not tied to immigration but protecting individual states. in this the hill article, about a leaked memo obtained by the associated press on this topic, the journalist does mention that in the end it would be up the governors whether or not they would become involved in such a move. but what would be the aim of calling up 100,000 members of the national guard to search quite possibly homes, places of employment and/or people walking down the street to ask them to prove their immigration status. given that considerably less than 50 percent of american citizens hold a passport. according to forbes in 1989 that number as at 7 percent and in 2012 it was at around 33 percent. according to cnn that number was 30 percent in 2011. we are still looking for current numbers.

this article on the chronicle of higher education gives an overview about the US national guard. we would argue that there is one error in this piece. the federal government cannot call up the national guard, according to the US constitution only governors have this power within the US. which explains george w. bush’s inability to help louisiana during the early stages of hurricane katrina. the governor, a democrat, hesitated in asking the bush administration for help. had bush attempted to use th department of defense to deploy the military in the US he surely would have been impeached for abuse of power.

is this memo coupled with the attempt at a arguably constitutionally illegal travel ban bannon and trump’s way to test the US constitution?


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