trump versus sweden

Monday, February 20th, 2017

ami horowitz the new king of fake news. trump claims his comments about violence in sweden (do you know how laughable that is given that the USA is a very crime-ridden country) were based on a news segment trump saw the day before on fox news. made a documentary to support his views about immigrants in sweden. a very curious thing given that horowitz has never lived in sweden. in this article from 2016 in the daily mail horowitz stands on a street in sweden claiming that 5 migrants days prior had beat him up. too bad he didn’t get camera footage from this. unfortunately he only has footage of himself standing on the streets claiming this incident happened. the real question is, did he report the incident to the police? and why was an american in sweden wandering around minority neighborhoods? in the US one would also be suspicious of a foreigner wandering around a predominately middle-class latino neighborhood. many parts of europe have laws against photographing and filming public and private citizens. like in some countries you could not suddenly take a picture of the coach of germany’s national team sitting in a restaurant, one would first need his permission.

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