ken bone replaces milo at cpac?

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

now that milo has been bumped from cpac (conservative political action committee) and pushed from breitbart, ken bone will appear. bone as you might remember, achieved instant fame in 2016 during the donald trump – hillary clinton presidential debates. is there some sick twisted irony here? we will leave this to the readers to decide. you can read the rise-and-fall of milo here. arguably it was the free speech laws in the USA that helped root out and uncover who milo yiannopulous really is. so perhaps the demonstrators and rioters really did the american citizens a disservice by shutting down free speech. as milo’s twisted views on peds and child abuse would have been uncovered years ago, simon & schuster never would have offered him a book deal, breitbart never would have given him an editorship and the ghostbusters film would have been a huge success (well, not really).

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