mnuchin in over his head?

Friday, February 24th, 2017

just because one can raise money to fund over-priced mad max films and legos movies, does not mean you can run the US treasury. we admit we have not paid enough attention to this appointment. so this weekend we are committed to watch the cspan hearings with both ears open this time. why? because we’re a bit concerned about mnuchin’s cnbc interview yesterday. he hesitated to call china a currency manipulator. –that is not why we are concerned. we are more concerned as to whether or not he knows the advantages and disadvantages between a strong dollar and a weak dollar. we know from this article in the washington post that trump has crude 19th century theories about ethnicity and ability. but the real question is does the US really want the producer of the film suicide squad to oversee its finance policies? we realize we’re about 2 weeks 2 late, he’s already been confirmed. but maybe he could always be pushed out?

watch the steven mnuchin confirmation hearing in front of the US senate on

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