flynn was a skater

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

michael flynn, a lifelong democrat, sacraficed his personal brand and credibility to back donald trump during the 2016 presidential campaign and all he got was a make america great again t-shirt. flynn, a 3 star general who devoted 33 years of his life (give or take a few) to serve the united states was definitely a patriot. unlike steve bannon, he was an american patriot not a nationalist. and this matters. as the former (patriotism) has positive connotations while the latter (nationalism) believes in a cultural superiority to others and led to multiple wars during the 20th century . arguably americans cannot be nationalists as cultural nationalism is tied to ethnicity and american nationality (being a citizen of a nation-state) is based on soil and not blood.

in this article from the new yorker magazine flynn is referred to as general chaos. given that most publications on the right coast of the US are (ironically) more lefty than anything else one cannot expect a glowing review of flynn’s background and history from this piece. but flynn, a lifelong democrat, sacraficed his career to back a dark horse republican (or dare we say trojan horse) during the republican primaries. maybe because he was marginalized and pushed out by the obama administration after president obama fired stanley mcchrystal for allegedly speaking illy about him and then vice president biden in front of a rollingstone reporter.

in this 24 – 48 hour newscycle world, many have already forgotten michael flynn. but flynn, who was widely panned by the mainstream media, endeared himself to the right during his firey speech during the republican national convention. he even signed a contract forbidding him from lobbying 5 years after leaving the trump administration. given that he is only 58 (which is relatively young given that the current US president is 70), we think the trump administration has a hot potato on its hand. given that he went from skater to hater in a 30 – 40 year period, it is highly likely skater flynn won’t surface again. we are secretly hoping he gets his own show on the clinton news network.



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